Executive Corporate Club

About Mebane Manor

Mebane Manor is located in beautiful Pulaski County, Virginia, nearby the NRV Airport and only a few miles away from I-81. The Manor was built by Dr. W. Mebane in 1910. He was a Presbyteriavn minister, who married the daughter of the Kent family, owners of the farm. The property has a rich history, going back to the colonial days, with several archaeological and historical sites nearby. The Manor is officially recognized by the State and Federal governments as a significant historical property. In the meantime, the property has been transformed into a premier business retreat and conference center

About Executive Corporate Club

The ECC is an exclusive company based membership club, with the aim to provide an environment for top decision takers to drive events. The membership is by design very restrictive and only invites executive decision takers representing dynamic growth companies with a strong commitment to the region. Thereby the ECC aims to support economic growth and business development and is strongly committed to the local community. Given the nature of its membership, the ECC has a strong international character

Sustainability Matters

We are dedicated to living sustainably — in every way we can to ensure that we help keep our local environment clean while also contributing to global ecological trends. We do this through: Serving all the food from farms, fisheries, and markets within a 100-mile radius, wines picked from the grapes in the vineyard on the property of Mebane Manor and sent to local wineries for processing, conserving water by using the spring located on the property, and re-using and recycling all eligible materials.